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Parent, teacher, and kid-tested and approved, these activities enhance:

  • Self-esteem, creativity, and self-expression
  • Memory and visual processing skills
  • Neural connections and problem-solving skills
  • Development of motor skills

MoxieBox (art lessons in a box), offers your child a specific lesson developed for each grade group (K-12), and the quality supplies necessary to create the project and more! The boxes are delivered directly to your home! No pick up or shopping required! Each lesson introduces a new medium and artist or movement to your child, while inspiring individual creative expression. Easy to pack and take on family vacations! Awesome reusable, stackable boxes for art and supplies storage! Perfect for gift-giving!


Art2Art Card Game is an exciting, easy-to-learn, brand-new game for the whole family, sent right to your door! Expose your children to the great works of art while using their creative thinking skills. This game is bringing generations together! Easy to pack and take with you on summer vacations! Perfect for gift-giving! Created by the inventor of the hugely popular Apples to Apples game!


Art Teacher’s Resources MoxieBox supports K-12 Art Teachers with free resources like MoxieBox Museum, Moxie Mappin’ and special pricing on art supplies you use everyday. It’s free to sign up. Login in today to discovery a toolbox specially designed with you in mind to offer your students a complete art education that compliments all their other subjects!


President's Message

My name is Jim Warner and I am President of MoxieBox Art. I want to share with you today something I learned that I had all wrong my whole life and I’m pretty old! I used to tell people all the time “I have no artistic ability”. Does this sound familiar? Guess what! We ALL have artistic ability! It is just a matter of where we start! Some tap into that artistic ability early in life and its easy for them but the rest of us need to put in the effort to expand our artistic ability. It’s like anything else in this world. In most cases we have to work hard at school, in a sport, in a business or just about everything else if we want to succeed. Yet, for some reason when it comes to art if our children don’t show that natural ability with no outside help, many of us just write them off as not having artistic ability. Right?

Our Vision

Cultivating Creativity, Exploration and Self-Expression through the Visual Arts.

Whereas the 21st century was led by science and technology, we feel the next generation of successful citizens will be required to have the creative and critical thinking skills that an art education can provide.


These projects are designed for grades K-5 with adult assistance and grades 6-12 to work independently. If you have a 4-5 grade student who has some previous art experience, feel free to sign them up for our 6-8 grade boxes. Likewise, if you have a middle school student who could use some practice in the foundations of art, you may want to start them out with the elementary boxes. You can contact us at any time to adjust your subscription level as your student grows.

MoxieBox Examples

Each lesson introduces a new medium and artist or movement. As well as all supplies needed to complete each lesson, you will receive a spiral-bound, full-color manual.

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