Each art box project is carefully designed to nurture creativity and instill confidence regardless of personal conception of artistic abilities. Every month your child will create a masterpiece they will be proud of and you will want to display throughout your home as you watch their confidence grow. Our hope and vision is to help each and every child explore their inner creativity and learn to express and appreciate their own artistic potential while enjoying the arts in new ways each month.

The Team

Amanda and Jill are two mothers and teachers who came together to create MoxieBox Art. Jill, a Kindergarten/1st grade teacher for the past 15 years, and Amanda, an art teacher and home school mom for over 10 years, feel that art is as important for students as core academic classes. They decided to create MoxieBox Art, a subscription art box company, to deliver educational and inspirational art projects to K-8th grade students each month.


Jill has been a Kindergarten/1st grade teacher for over 15 years now. Jill has been honored with the “Teacher of the Year” award from the Murrieta Unified School District and has created a writing program called “KinderWrite” that is still used by Kindergarten/1st grade teachers today. She has been married for 20+ years and is a mother of two wonderful boys and enjoys being a “Baseball Mom”.


While teaching art to home school students throughout Riverside County, CA., Amanda found that it was a hardship for many of the families to drive their children and siblings to a one-hour art class each week. That was when she came up with the idea of sending the lessons directly to the children in order to expose visual arts to those unable to attend classes. She has been married for 20+ years, is the mother of three wonderful boys and enjoys being a “Stage Mom”


Matt Kirby has been involved in creative pursuits from an early age. After receiving a B.S. Degree in Engineering Science, he started his greeting card company, “Kirby Kardz.” While still employed as a Mechanical Engineer, Kirby conceived and created the hit party game Apples to Apples with to-dates sales of over 20 million units. Future game titles invented include “Shipwrecked” and “Picaroon.” Kirby has also produced a feature-length documentary of the Bay Area artist, Fred Holle. Other pursuits include the websites Entropynation and the history learning site Decadesmatrix. Kirby (along with his wife Karen) is the home-school dad of three children. He has been speaking to schools and educational events on the importance of the role that creativity plays in children’s and adult’s lives. Kirby has now joined forces with MoxieBox. MoxieBox makes K-12 complete art box projects whose goal is the enabling of creativity in all children.


Jim Warner has been involved in entrepreneurial pursuits for over 20 years now from selling the first truckload of bio-diesel in California to bringing portable water filtration systems to Mexico. Jim brings his vast business experience to MoxieBox to create and implement the vision of nurturing inner creativity in our youth in order to help shape minds for generations to come. Jim’s ultimate goal for MoxieBox is for it to provide visual art lessons to students that have no access or opportunity in their schools.