June’s ArtBox is a self portrait project.

June’s ArtBox will be a self portrait lesson. Self portrait projects are wonderful companions to:

Character Development Lessons HERE Social Emotional Skills Lessons


You can also combine this project with a biography or social studies project. Why not include an illustration with your report on a historical figure?

Also, Father’s Day is coming up….  Do you know someone who would appreciate a drawing of yourself or them?

Dustin Yellin Collage

May’s ArtBox Collage project was inspired by Dustin Yellin’s 3D collages created in layers of glass.

National Geographic

This National Geographic article offers a fun way to create a visual record of your summer using your new collage skills.

Click HERE


March’s ARTBOX was inspired by a few abstract artists.


February’s ARTBOX was inspired by artist Wayne Thiebaud. Please watch these two videos before beginning your project for your own inspiration!