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All About Geodes and How They Are Formed

The formation of geodes is one of the world’s oldest and coolest natural formations! This week, Natalie gives a step-by-step look into how geodes are formed and how they get their unique characteristics.
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What Is a Geode?

Have You Ever Wondered…

What is a geode?
How do geodes form?
Where can you find geodes?

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Facts About Geodes

Excerpt from site: Often found in North America, Central America, South America and Namibia, and a common sight in museum gift shops, geodes are rock formations that involve a variety of minerals. At its most basic, geodes are rocks with an interior cavity lined with another mineral.

The name geode comes from the Greek word “geode” meaning “earthlike.” This name is fitting as many geodes are round, like little planets–worlds of light and stone unto themselves capturing fascination wherever they are discovered.

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Collaborations With My Toddler

Ruth’s latest project “Collaborations with my Toddler” began as an experiment but has now bloomed into a beautiful bonding experience with her three year old daughter, Eve. After gaining international attention she decided to use their collaborations as a platform to inspire others to not only pursue their passions in life but to share their talents and time with the next generation.

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