Portuguese Nightlight

In this lesson we will be learning about some Portuguese artists as well as Impressionism.

Isaura Xavier de Campos

Excerpt from site: Was born in Porto, Portugal with that ability to draw since a young age. However my career was made in another way- I was a teacher of English for 35 years. During this time I attended two masters’ studios and learned to paint mostly in oils. Now that I retired from teaching English, I started to paint regularly, always learning every day either with other artists, either by myself with the help of great practice. Painting is a passion and a way to communicate my feelings and my personality which for many reasons is hidden inside my heart.

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Photographer Takes 3,200+ Photos Capturing the Vibrant Diversity of Portugal’s Windows

Photographer Takes 3,200+ Photos Capturing the Vibrant Diversity of Portugal’s Windows

Excerpt from site: Previously, we introduced you to Portuguese photographer Andre Goncalves and his Windows of the World series. In this body of work, Goncalves traveled to Italy, The Alps, England, Romania, and Spain, where he documented a variety of colorful facades and architectural details. He then combined his individual images into large collage grids, grouped by location. Now, in his most recent series, he has returned to his home country of Portugal to capture over 3,200 charming, colorful windows, from 100 locations. From these images he has made more than one hundred new collages.

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Portugal Facts: Lesson for Kids

Excerpt from site: Portugal… Europe’s Oldest Country
Did you know that Portugal is one of the oldest country on the continent of Europe? It is! Since, 1139 Portugal has had the same borders, and therefore, can claim the title of the oldest European country. It has the longest bridge in Europe. The 10.5-mile bridge can be found in Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. Portugal also has the largest cork forest in the world and produces 70% of the world’s cork! There is so much more to Portugal, so let’s get busy investigating this great country.

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Impressionism – Overview from Phil Hansen

This video is a fabulous overview of Impressionism.
PLEASE BE AWARE that there are brief portrayals of partial nudity should that be something you are not comfortable with but we felt it important to include in this historical study.