Our overall mission at MoxieBox Art has always been to create a space for immersive learning that stretches beyond even what our subscription art boxes have to offer. The goal is not only to inspire the younger generation to be creative but also to use visual arts as a tool that can be used to express themselves and ultimately discover what they are truly passionate about in life. Education, especially in relation to art, remains an essential part of this process as it opens new doors that allows children to see the world from a different perspective that they might not have otherwise known existed. 

That is why we are excited to announce the launch of our newest program: MoxieBox Art Museum! This interactive app can be accessed through the “education” tab on our website and features some of the most famous art from around the world. MoxieBox Art Museum allows users to search our database using filters such as style, museum, city, US state, and country to view the work of over 111 different artists. Aside from seeing the art and learning background information on each specific piece, users will also be able to find exactly where these artworks are located. Rather than having to scour the internet and swipe through multiple pages on Google to find information related to these artworks, MoxieBox Art Museum gathers it all in one place.

Click to View MoxieBox Art Gallery

One of the brilliant minds behind this program is mechanical engineer and inventor of the hit board game Apples to Apples, Matt Kirby. One of the first experiences he recalls that jump started his passion for art and creativity occurred around age 7 when his father took him to a modern art exhibit. As you can see, Matt was raised by a family who viewed art as an important part of life and instilled these values in him at a young age. In fact, his father, Sheldon Kirby, had a substantial part as an abstract Expressionist during a big art movement that swept across the Southern California & San Diego area. 

For several years now, Matt has served as Director of Product Development here at MoxieBox Art aiding in the development of many of our creative endeavors as well as providing helpful art commentary for both Art for Today and MoxieU. After visiting Italy for the first time and only finding four Davinci paintings, Matt pioneered the idea for a virtual gallery that combines historical context, geolocation, and art all in one. According to Matt, “famous art is like an old friend and is priceless as it works like a time capsule preserving the energy of the time period it was created in”. 

Through this new program, we hope to encourage more parents, students, and educators to become inspired by these famous artworks and hopefully learn more about them whether it be through our online resources or by viewing the art in person at a museum in their area.