In our last blog, we announced the launch of our newest online educational resource called MoxieBox Art Museum. This free supplemental learning program serves as a great tool for children of all ages and skill regardless if they are at the beginning of their art journey or already have some knowledge of famous artworks. This virtual resource is also a good way for parents as well as educators to learn more about museums near them and connect with their students over art from around the world. Keep reading for more information as well as a helpful video guide by Matt Kirby on how to use MoxieBox Art Museum at home and in the classroom!

First and foremost, you can find this new immersive and inclusive resource by clicking the educational tab on our website. The homepage of MoxieBox Art Museum features a dual sided layout where the left side of the screen displays a search bar with various filter options and the right side displays the results window as well as an interactive timeline. Each time you refresh the page, the program will automatically start your session on a random museum to help you start your search. The entirety of the MoxieBox Art Museum library includes the top 10 works for the top 100 artists across 120 museums with at least half of the collection narrowed down to the exact room in which they are located. The artworks as well as the background information has been curated to be appropriate for children and slightly modified when necessary. The program allows you to view all works at once or use filters (by artist, style, work, museum, city, US state, and country) to narrow search results. 

To use each filter, you can either type your searches or browse the drop down list of all available options by clicking the “list all” button. Using the filters on the top left corner of the page, you can search by style and location to see the most famous works in your area. When searching by artist, the results are displayed in order from most famous to least famous artworks. Our filters allow you to customize your sessions on MoxieBox Art Museum to be as general or specific as you like. We also feature our “Best Of” categories that allow you to view the best three works for each artist, the best 25 artists in our database, or even the best 50 artworks from around the world.

During your search, you’ll notice that each result contains the image, name, year, artist, style, and location. In addition to this, each result links to the corresponding Wikipedia page for that artwork for more background information about the artist and to provide a better understanding on the historical context of that piece. The other two options on the bottom right of each result allows you to share your findings to social media and to create a list of your favorite artworks to save for later. You can also click on each image for a closer look or launch a slideshow of all results by clicking the play button located under the interactive timeline. To start a new search using different filters, use our clear all feature located on the left side of your screen just below our filter options.