Here at MoxieBox Art, we value creativity for all ages! When we started our business three years ago, we set out with a vision to help every child explore their inner artist as a way to express themselves and instill confidence at a young age. This goal led to the creation of our curriculum based art boxes which provide children with the tools and knowledge they need to grow as an artist each month. What sets us apart from the rest is that our boxes are actually interactive art lessons that can serve as supplemental educational materials in school and at home. Our boxes are utilized in a variety of settings- including charter schools, homeschooling families, after school programs, and as an introductory activity for children/parents who love art but aren’t sure how to get started. 

What’s Inside

Each box includes one lesson which consists of four or more steps that can be spread out over the course of a week or month to serve as a daily art lesson for students. Your MoxieBox will include:

  • A complete, grade appropriate art lesson
  • All of the art supplies needed for that lesson (all individually provided for each student)
  • A spiral-bound, full-color manual introducing a new medium and artist or movement specific to that lesson

In addition to expanding their skillset, each child will finish their monthly lesson having created their own unique masterpiece to cherish and display in their own home.

Our boxes are split into four different levels based on what is appropriate for each grade or age. As the child grows as an artist, the box level grows with them. The levels range from Primary (Kindergarten-2nd grade), Elementary (3rd-5th grade), Junior High (6th-8th grade), and High School (9th-12th grade). Our Kindergarten through 5th grade boxes require adult assistance and include a Moxie University page with additional information, as well as fun facts specific to that lesson. The Junior High and High School level boxes can be worked on independently and include a MoxieBox U page written by Matthew Kirby, creator of the popular game Apples to Apples, which offers additional information as well as critical thinking challenges. 

Ordering Options

We currently offer three ordering options to choose from. The first option is our Semester Subscription which includes one box a month for five months or 5 art boxes in total for $139.75. The second option is our Annual Subscription which includes one box a month for ten months or 10 art boxes in total for $249. Do you want to try one lesson and see if MoxieBox is a good fit for you? Our last option allows you to choose from one of our popular past lessons for $29.95 before committing to a subscription.

Whether your students are just starting or have already begun their art journey, we are here to guide them and give them meaningful connections to art and the world around them.  Contact us today or follow along on Instagram & Faceb0ok.