Option 3: Popular Past Lessons


Choose from one of our popular past lessons while supplies last.

Each of the following lessons include a spiral-bound, full-color manual.

Gelatin Monoprints: In this lesson you will learn about monoprinting while making your own gelatin printing plate and creating unique greating cards. Along with a full color Moxie Manual, you box includes the following supplies:
Ultra Fine Permanent Marker
Styrofoam Tray
10 Greeting Cards & Enve-lopes
Set of 12 Gouache Paints
Monet Pastels: Claude Monet is perhaps the most famous and influential of the impressionist painters. In this lesson you will create a beautiful landscape drawing with a 24 piece set of chalk pastels while learning about this artist and style.
Jester’s Scepter PPL Ad: A MAROTTE or Jester’s SCEPTER, is a baton carried by a court jester or “fool.” The stick is usually mounted with a doll’s head wearing a hat or costume resembling the jester. The jester would use his scepter as a prop while performing. This is a great companion lesson to Shakespeare and/or Medieval Studies.
Thiebaud Desserts: In this lesson you will learn about shape and form while creating some desserts in the style of Wayne Thiebaud. (pronounced Tee-Bow) In 1994, Thiebaud received the National Medal of Arts, the highest award given to an artist by the U.S. government. Young artists will learn how to turn a shape into a form using lines and light.
Doodle Box: In this lesson you will create some beautiful patterned tiles, design a box for your supplies, and learn about line as an element of art. The younger artists will learn about the different basic types of lines and as the lessons rise in challenges for the older artists, they will learn how lines can create the illusions of texture, depth and movement. All students will be directed to practice their lines while creating original, patterned doodles. In her book, The Doodle Revolution, Sunni Brown writes, “A doodler is concentrating intently, sifting through information, conscious and otherwise and – much more often than we realize – generating massive insights.”
Faux Stained Glass: This lesson teaches about the art and history of stained glass while providing instructions to create a faux piece which will cling to any window or mirror. Students will be guided to explore and generate an imaginative design producing an original piece of art with a beautiful light reflection.
Monochrome Tunnel: This lesson teaches about the history of tunnel books while providing instructions to create an original lighted tunnel book. The students learn about silhouettes and design their own scene. They also learn about monochrome and how to mix their own different values. This lesson should be completed in four separate sittings and ensures hours of creative fun and education. Please visit the gallery HERE to view the amazing images submitted on this project.
Henna Patterns: In this lesson you will decorate a beautiful wooden box while learning about the ancient art form of henna. You will also be taught how to create and recognize an important principle of design – Pattern. Students are offered different levels of guidance and instruction which will instill confidence and enable them to create a successful, usable work of art.
Description of Vintage Circus: In this lesson, you will create a vintage style circus picture while learning different drawing techniques adapted for each level. After following some guided practice lessons, the student will gain confidence and encouragement to design their own composition. Each level gets more complex and range from beginning drawing lessons to blending with colored pencils.
Description of Whimsical Time: In this lesson, you will learn about asymmetry and whimsical style. Each level includes prompts to encourage self-expression in the creation of a unique and whimsical clock. Along with all art supplies, we have included laminate to seal and protect your clock face. Although many decorative items are provided, we encourage you to include your own in order to enhance your personal theme.

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